Tori Goben - Shoppe Manager  Loves coffee, loves the science involved in making the perfect drink, loves to share/teach her skills, loves the Lord

Linda Murphy - Office Manager  Someone has got to keep the books, pay the bills on time, reconcile the bank statements.  Linda does it all with diligence and integrity.  Great behind the scenes leader.

Ken Murphy - General Manager  Has never managed anything remotely like this before.  Surrounded by great people and does his best to just stay out of the way.

Barista Staff:  Grace Black, Dylan Black, Tina Ediger, Emily Kreger, Seth Roedl, Hannah Phifer

Kitchen Manager:  Dawn Kellogg

Cathryn Hinderliter - Kitchen Consultant  Perfectionist in the kitchen, cleanliness fanatic, amazing Christian mentor to women, savory chef extrordinaire