About Us

Higher Grounds Coffee Shoppe & Bakery is owned and operated by Mission OKC, Inc, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.  It opened its doors on November 25, 2015 with some very specific ideas of how it could best serve the community while representing Jesus in all that it does. Higher Grounds strives daily to provide unparalleled customer service while maintaining a very cozy, inviting atmosphere. Our aim is to be at the top of your list when it comes to Oklahoma City coffee shops.



  • A place where our community can meet one another, let needs be known, be involved in meeting one another’s needs, and just become friends
  • A place that is a safe comfortable environment in which it is easy to relax or refresh
  • A place that will partner with local churches, schools and businesses to make our community a better, safer and friendlier place to live
  • A place where love, hope and healing are served up daily
  • A place that will not compromise on quality coffee, incredible food or stellar service


  • A church.  Our goal is not to be a church, to preach at anyone or to even attempt to push anyone to a church.  We will, however, be examples of the Love of Christ daily in the lives of our customers and neighbors.
  • A national or chain coffee shop.  We are community motivated, community driven, community managed and community funded.